Saratoga Springs, UTAH

General Information

Saratoga Springs is Utah County’s youngest city. It is located west of Lehi and northwest of Utah Lake. This community has a long-term policy towards development and wants to always be a “model city that maintains and improves on the standards of living that brought people to the area.”

Since its incorporation at the end of 1997, Saratoga Springs has grown from 217 to 1,003 residents and is continuing to grow. With a median age of 26 and a household size of 3.7, Saratoga Springs households are older and smaller than much of the county’s.

Date of Incorporation: December 30, 1997

Recreation   Crime  
Baseball Diamonds 0 Aggravated Assault N/A
Bowling Alleys 0 Arson N/A
Covered Picnic Facilities 0 Auto Theft N/A
Golf Courses 0 Burglary N/A
Indoor Facilities 0 Larceny N/A
Parks 0 Murder N/A
Rodeo Grounds 0 Rape N/A
Soccer/Football Fields 0 Robbery N/A
Swimming Pools 0    
Tennis Courts 0    
Other: off-road vehicle trails, ice skating, hunting
Median Age: 26.0   Household Size: 3.7  

Largest Employer: N/A

Population: 3,415 (2002)

State Rank by Population: 130

Political Profile
Out of the 614 registered voters, 490 cast ballots in the 2000 November election.

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Statistics & Facts

The population of Saratoga Springs is approximately 175 (1997).
Saratoga Springs is positioned 40.40 degrees north of the equator and 111.85 degrees west of the prime meridian.


Saratoga Springs location: near Lehi and the “point of the mountain” in northern Utah County. Sarasota Springs is near the northern shore of Utah Lake.

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Climate & Weather

The climate for Saratoga Springs is Moderate. There are approximately 10 to 20 inches of snow each year.
Saratoga Springs average annual rainfall is 16 inches per year
Saratoga Springs average annual precipitation is 21.38 inches per year.
Saratoga Springs average temperature is 52.3 degrees F.

History of Saratoga Springs

Saratoga Springs history:

Saratoga Springs is the oldest resort on Utah Lake and was named for the New York resort, Saratoga. It opened on 24 July 1884. It’s fame is from the hot springs which keeps a comfortable year-round temperature.

John Beck, from Germany, called his land here Beck’s Saratoga Springs. By 1914, it had changed owners several times. At this time it was purchased by the Austin Brothers and Austin and Sons Sheep Companies. They planed to subdivide the area into farms and city lots. The city never really took off and more new owners took over from time to time. In 1950, major improvements were made to the resort to increase the comfort levels. In 1968, a disastrous fire destroyed much of the resort, but the owners rebounded and opened for the season anyway. In the spring of 1968, Saratoga lovers were shocked by a $100,000 fire at the resort. Lost in the fire was the main building that housed the indoor pool, dressing rooms, laundry, ticket office, snack bar and gift redemption center. The resort operator quickly had the debris removed, and the resort was ready for its Memorial Day opening three weeks later. Saratoga Springs was incorporated as the 23rd city in Utah County.
The incorporation date of Saratoga Springs: 1997, December 30.


Saratoga Springs attractions:

Saratoga City Utah Golf Course

Saratoga Springs is one of the smallest cities in Utah County.

Saratoga Springs City Website

Sources: Daily Herald article, “Saratoga Springs officially a town,” by Donald W. Meyers, December 31, 1997